Photoshoot Locations

Finding the perfect location. A headshot session, using a wooded area as a backdrop, with beautiful light.

Choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot

Whether you are a family or business, these are things to keep in mind when finding the perfect place for your photography session - I'm here to help.

We don't need much space to photograph in, the most important features are a mix of light and shade and areas with an unobstructed backdrop.

It could mean a lot more to you though, think of your home and garden, or a place you like to walk, a pub you like to visit with a gorgeous garden or roaring fire.

You can easily have your photography session in your home and/or garden or in a local public park or public green space. If you know of a local pub/hotel or the owner of a local woodland, we can ask for permission to photograph there, but please bear in mind this may take time and permission may not be granted.

I have a few favourite places to photograph, and the list is ever growing. Do suggest locations to me when planning your session.

We WILL find the perfect place for your photography session.