About Your Lifestyle Photography Session

Parents kissing the head of their son, in monochrome.

As your family lifestyle photographer, I will create timeless images of your family that you will cherish.   Your love, laughter and smiles can be captured to create beautiful memories.

Whether you are looking for a family photographer or someone to immortalise a precious family milestone such as an engagement, special birthday, new additions to your family, or just being together, here's what you can expect from me.  Yes, I am passionate about photography, have an eye for detail and an artistic sentiment, but above that you will have a session that you will thoroughly enjoy with photographs you can treasure.  With a bubbly, friendly and caring nature, you can expect a photographer complimentary to the flow of your day, timing the session around you and your little ones.  The more relaxed you are around me, the better the end results.  It is for this reason I recommend meeting or speaking with you before your photography session, not only to get to know one another but also so you will know what to expect during your session.

This is non-studio photography, instead your portraits will be taken in a location that is special to you; this can be your home or garden or a nearby beauty spot you enjoy visiting together, making them extra special.  Natural lighting will be used as much as possible so your photographer remains unobtrusive, with the use of flash or lighting equipment only when required to enhance your images.  You can see examples of my work in my portfolio.

Following your session, I will arrange a showcase of your images and sample products in the comfort of your home.  You can then select your favourite images and any digital or print packages you would like to invest in, if you haven't already.  Of course, if the packages don't suit you, I will be happy to put a bespoke package together for you.  Pop over to my prices page to get an idea of the services and packages I can offer you.

Of course, if you have any questions please contact me.