Tip#1 – Fill the Frame

Your subject should be the main focus of your image

Many people ask me to share tips and advice on taking photographs of their children. I'll now be sharing some tips regularly, so do keep checking in.

My first tip to you is to fill more of the frame with your subject. It is better to do this by zooming in or using a longer lens / focal length rather than being right up close so we don't get 'barrel distortion' (where the nose and mouth look larger than they are in reality). As an example here is the same photograph, one showing a lot of background, the other with the subject filling more of the frame.

A portrait with a lot of background.

A portrait of a boy in a woodland.

Although this photograph sets the scene, beautiful as it is, this type of scenery can be used as a background and not the main focus of the photograph.

The same portrait cropped to the subject.

The portrait of a boy in a woodland.

Now we have cropped the image to focus on the subject, your eyes are drawn to the portrait of the boy, rather than wandering all around the landscape.

How do I achieve this?

There are a couple of ways you can achieve this result.  Firstly, and what you should aim to do, is fill the frame in the camera using only your optical zoom rather than using a digital zoom.  If it is not possible to get close enough to your subject, or you forget, you can either use your digital zoom, or crop the photograph in-camera or on-computer in your preferred photo-editing software.

If you use digital zoom or crop your photograph, you will loose quality in your photograph.

Have you tried this?  How did you get on?  Feel free to share your results on my Facebook page, with the consent of your subject/model.

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