Parents and children on a bed looking out from under a blanket

The family lifestyle photography session

Have you ever thought about booking a photographer to come to your home?

It was a true pleasure to photograph this family of four.

Being January, the family opted for an indoor family lifestyle photography session.  This was the perfect choice, not only because of the weather, but because the children were in their own environment with their own toys surrounding them - everything was familiar, except for me - the photographer.  Once I got down onto the floor and started playing, they soon warmed to me and were very quickly at ease and happy.

We kept the photography to just two rooms - the living room and bedroom.  Both allowed for fun and relaxed family portraits.

In-home family photography - what you need to know

What do you need to do to prepare for an in-home family photographer?

  • First find your photographer - I have previously written a guide on choosing your family photographer.
  • Pick the lightest rooms in your home, preferably with a sheer net or light coloured blinds at the window for shade in case of direct sunlight.
  • Enjoy your decor and wear clothes that compliment it - after all, the photographs will likely be displayed in those very same rooms.
  • Don't worry about overall mess - just make sure you have a few tidy areas nearest the windows where you would like the photography to take place (I promise I won't judge you!).

If you have any questions about booking an in-home lifestyle session, you can call me on 07753 409214.

A fun family portrait of parents and two young children in black and white.
An indoor family lifestyle portrait of parents and two young children in black and white.
A family lifestyle portrait of parents and two young children hiding under a blanket on a bed.
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